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By combining the precision of analytical strategy and the agility of business design principles, we design strategies faster and execute them more efficiently.


Every successful company manages a portfolio of strategic initiatives with varying levels of certainty and clarity. Generally, many of these initiatives relate to existing strategies and are aligned with existing competencies. Such initiatives aim at developing and improving existing business. On the other side of the spectrum, there are few initiatives related to new areas and strategies, and competencies are not yet developed. These are disruptive innovation efforts.

Each type of strategic problem, opportunity and initiative requires completely different approaches, methodologies and tools. In the current and near areas of the spectrum, we use the predictive models, the waterfall model and manage the projects with an analytical approach. On the newer and explored side, collaborative development and agile design thinking and lean teachings lead to much more effective business results.


A master at both ends of the spectrum, Betakorp  is the ideal companion for organizations trying to navigate the stormy waters of the VUCA world.

  • Strategic planning

  • Corporate Governance

  • Corporate Scorecard

  • Culture and Transformation

  • Organizational Alignment

  • Business Design

  • Innovation Management

  • Business Model Innovation

  • Intrapreneurship Entrepreneurship

  • Lean Project Management

Didem Korkut

Former process consultant, strategy consultant, corporate strategist, international marketer, strategic marketer and transformation manager. Currently head of growth, digital marketer and leader of corporate strategy at  Betakorp.

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Baran Korkut

Former business analyst, systems administrator, management consultant, strategy consultant, international partner and innovation facilitator. Currently product manager, part-time interface designer, go-to-market strategist, and business design leader at  Betakorp.

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